Resultados del Writing Workshop organizado en Hablaworld en Octubre

Queremos compartir los interesantes resultados del último Writing Workshop que hemos organizado en Hablaworld en el pasado mes de octubre.

Cada grupo ha escrito un texto sobre este tema de debate propuesto:


Estos son los textos escritos por ellos:

Text 1:

The History says that thanks to having King, a democracy exists in Spain.

The current Spanish King is Felipe VI and some people in Spain support him, but in other countries the possibility of having a different type of democracy exists. Is the Monarchy in Spain actually useful?

On the one hand, If the Monarchy didn’t exist, the tradition of our country would disappear. As well as international relationships with other countries, which could get worse. Furthermore, people claim that the King is a guarantee of security and unity in Spain.

On the other hand, some people think that Spain doesn’t need a King. Currently, the Royal Family is involved in some corruption cases; this situation makes people wonder whether they are functional. Moreover, the King’s job is not as important as in the past.

Text 2

Old Fashion Monarchy

First of all, it is important to mention that the King of Spain is something we didn’t choose. It comes from the Old Culture and tradition of Spain and we just have to accept it.

Are you aware of all the money you are giving to the Monarchy? Probably you have never thought about this issue but it is something we should think about. We really need to be in charge of our own money and spend it how we want.

Is the King an old-fashioned concept? Yes, it is. Nowadays a King is like those old shoes inside your closet that you do not need anymore but you do not want to throw away. Those shoes which are not necessary in your life but you still keep.

To have a King is good but it is also a problem. The Royal Family is extremely wealthy and it is good for moving the economy of Spain because if they buy something people are going to receive It.

However, you cannot say anything because nobody asked you about that, so everything is going to remain the same.

Text 3

Is having a King a problem or a necessity?

In current days with the Catalonia’s problems which role in the country does the government have? Why do we need a Royal Family?

On the one hand, Government and King are doing almost the same kind of function. Having this duplicity is expensive. We have to choose between these institutions. In fact, we have to choose between Monarchy and Republic. Why do we need a double figure of power?

On the other hand, the Monarchy belongs to our society, our culture and tradition. If we eliminate the Royal Family, it could be a problem for the constitutional rules, and the representation of our country. Due to the fact that there are people who defend this opinion and there are other groups who want to respect the traditional ideals of the past.

As a conclusion, we can say that our society is divided, therefore we need to vote if it is likely to change our base of citizenship.

Text 4

Some people think that the King is useless in a country ruled by democracy. Some people think that he is the main figure of the country itself. But, how can we tell who is right and who is wrong?

Historically, the King’s roles have been focused on representing Spanish people in an international context. This leads to a King that is well considered in all the countries he visits due to this representational function, having the King gained a good reputation because of his open-mind and his communication skills. When it comes to Spain, he has earned an intermediary role, if there is a disagreement between politicians.

On the other hand, the Royal family has several privileges. First, they have a lifelong salary just because of being born. Secondly, they receive a different treatment in legal terms. So, to start talking about the King, we need to know first what his role is. Not many people would know about it, but the King is mainly the face of the country, meaning that the figure he represents is all and not only outside our country, but also inside, because it is the voice that speaks for us in our decisions. In political terms, he has the last word when the members of the government are not in speaking terms. All this considered, we go back to the first question, do we really need a figure that acts as a referee in the government? Some people would think that the King is not necessary, but can we really solve all our differences without a neutral party member?

Text 5

It is common or normal to see Kings and Queens all over the globe, whether we agree or not. But, do we need them? Or is it just a necessity based on the fear of changing it?

The King of Spain is a representative man from our country. It is a fact that other countries abroad, especially from other Crowns, see the King as an important figure that makes them more comfortable. Another reason is that he may have a decisive role if some instability appears in Spain, trying to keep control over the country. This kind of stability may be shadowed by the fact that the King has many oppositors and that brings instability indeed.

One of the most important downside is the fact that the King doesn’t have a certain goal. We cannot forget that the President of the Government has most of the competences to control the country and the King can only act in extreme situations. If you ask a citizen about the power of the King, they probably won’t know it because it is not common to see him intervene.

To conclude and answer the questions we posed at the beginning, we think that having a King brings up more problems than solutions. Because of this, we actually believe that it is not necessary to have a Crown.

Text 6

Did you know that the majority of the first international contact is through the King?

He has the power of representing Spain outside the country, among other functions, such as mediating the political situation. Also, he must wish Merry Christmas to Spaniards on his annual speech, on December the 24th. The main political parties not always have good relationships, so he can mediate between them without stealing their political power.

On the other hand, the total amount of money that the Royal House wasted was published on the official website and it was widely criticized. It was said that the Royal family had wasted a lot of money in affairs such as the King’s journeys, the maintenance of the Royal Family House, the Royal Family vacations and even the private school of the princess. The truth is that Spanish people are paying all these activities.

Summing up, the Royal Family is needed but they must explain the benefits to the country of spending this amount of money.

Text 7

Nowadays, Spanish Monarchy is a representative Monarchy where the King has less power than people think.

The Parliament has the political power in democracy. By contrast, dictatorial monarchies, like Arabia Saudi, collect all the powers (legislative, executive, judiciary) of the King. However, both kinds of Monarchy get similar percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

The Royal Family is financed by Spanish people. Part of the people’s taxes go to the Royal Family’s salary. How much is that? You know, that’s true, that they need money but is their lifestyle normal?

Monarchy continues having an important role in our country, but shall we pay it so expensively?

Text 8

Is the Monarchy in Spain old fashioned or does it still make sense?

Nowadays, Spain has a monarchy but it is not necessary for this country.
In the democracy, people have freedom to express themselves and choose who represents them. In spite of having a King, a lot of people in Spain disagree with his power.

If we have a `President of the government, why do we need a King? Compared with USA, where there isn’t a monarchy, nevertheless, they are one of the main world powers. The basic role of the King in Spain is the representation of his country, but people think that the government president has the same role.

Moreover, as we all know, the financial situations of Spain is going through some issues since several years ago. There are many reasons that don’t benefit from this situation and one of them could be the cost of supporting the Monarchy. For example, nowadays the King receives money to pay his favourite sports and vacations that aren’t necessary and don’t contribute to the welfare of citizens.

So, to answer the question that we made at the beginning of the article, we think that Monarchy in Spain doesn’t adapt well to the present circumstances of our country.

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