DELE Exam Classes

Preparation courses for DELE exams

Do you need to improve your chances of passing a DELE exam to certify your level of English? Join our DELE exam preparation sessions (B1, B2, C1 and C2) and get the help and advice of a specialist teacher.
  • Native and certified teachers
  • Communicative approach methodology
  • All educational material included
  • Morning and afternoon timetables
  • Reduced class groups
  • Modern facilities

GRUPO / Preparación para el DELE

class sizes :
from 4 up to 12 students per group
duration :
from 2 up to 3 hour sessions
levels :
from level A1 up to C2
content :
Our courses are designed for students who want to obtain real competence in the language under certain situations as well as students who want to prepare a specific level of official DELE examination. All didactic material included.
mock exams :
The courses can be combined with preparation classes for the official DELE exams (from B1 to C2).
    (4 weeks / 54-94 hours)
    12 hours EXAM + 42 hours GROUP385
    12 hours EXAM + 82 hours GROUP665

    2-hour classes - Monday to Friday
    mornings or afternoons
    -  level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2
    -  * Courses in March and April include one week without lessons due to Semana Santa and Feria.
    -  ** DELE Mock exams will be in specific dates each month
  • 35
    registration fees
    (includes all educational materials)

aprende. habla. crece.

Feel part of a student community that receives continuous support and guidance. Find us in the centre of Seville, where the history and rhythm of the city converge into an inspiring place to learn...
aprender Spanish en Sevilla
academia de Spanish en Sevilla
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escuela de Spanish en Sevilla
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cursos de Spanish en Sevilla
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clases de Spanish en Sevilla
classrooms GRUPO
practicar Spanish en Sevilla
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